Frank Schönian

Frank Schönian

Berlin Germany


Welcome to my portfolio. Pak. is Maya and means "wall of stone", but has also the meaning of "to found", "to build", "to sow" or "to plant". It stands for my interest in nature, mountains and rocks as well as in history and architecture.

I am a geoscientist and passionate amateur photographer. As a kid I started taking photos with a small Bakelite camera and then I learned with a Contax D by Zeiss. Later I took slides while travelling and a few years ago I switched to digital photography. I prefer photos that reflect a certain mood, make you think or provoke a smile, photos that document contrasts, tell a story or about which a story can be told. My work is quite classic: Light, image composition, perspective and optical means are the main factors. However, for me photography is a never-ending experiment and I am always open to learn and try something new...

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